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What does your competition have that you don’t? The ability to offer retail and commercial venues to a consumer base of over two million people? The ability to train a young workforce customized for their needs? Or perhaps they have easy access to international bridges within reach of their base of operations for efficient distribution.

The strategically located city of Pharr, Texas offers dynamic solutions to give you that extra edge. This rapidly growing hub is the ideal location for retail, order fulfillment, customer service call centers and other industries ready to capitalize on the unique combination of workforce and pro-business City leadership.

By offering affordable real estate in a diverse community, a well-trained and knowledgeable workforce, lower costs, incentives and no state income tax as well as other tax advantages, we give you the competitive edge to operate efficiently and at minimum cost to you.

Don’t let your competition push you over the edge. The City of Pharr provides low cost solutions for all of your retail, commercial and industrial needs.

Latest News

  • Revamping Project Still Underway at El Centro Mall

    Houston-based Levcor Inc. purchased El Centro Mall and the surrounding property in 2006 with a promising vision to expand and remake. The idea was to completely revamp the area with new retail stores, a four or five star hotel, and a renovated Cinemark movie theatre.  The vision still holds today as progress unfolds at the [...] — Read More
  • The Future Of Manufacturing On Regional Clusters

    The topic of whether or not the manufacturing industry is undergoing a renaissance is still under much debate. The industry only makes up 12 percent of the United States GDP yet it represents 70 percent of private sector research and development (R&D), 60 percent of R&D employees in the United States, 90 percent of patents [...] — Read More
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    Industry experts and economists are excited about July reports on the United States manufacturing sector. Industry reports by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) showed acceleration in growth across the sector. Areas like new orders and manufacturing employment boomed through the month and levels are at their highest in over two years, proof the economy [...] — Read More
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